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HOOK is a an 8 piece band that specializes in providing the best possible live music for private events. We also have an option to perform with a slightly smaller lineup (5 piece) whenever needed.

We approach every event with a servants heart. We are there to help support the party, and make sure everyone leaves happy. We do this by making sure the dance floor is filled from the time we begin - to the time we finish! We recognize that the party is usually not all about us. If the party needs some softer songs at the beginning - we do it. If the party needs some older songs - we do it.

We also believe strongly in presenting ourselves as professionals, who understand that most of the events we play require a certain level of etiquette. We absolutely do not drink alcohol or use profanity at any event! We take what we do too seriously to treat these performances lightly. We recognize we are there for the client and the guests.

The main goal for us is to do everything we can to make sure the party is a huge success, and we are very experienced at making that happen. We know how to have a good time, and we also know how to get people up and having a good time too.

One of the things we offer at no extra cost is a DJ & MC to take care of any additional needs you might have for music and announcements. That’s why we always say we provide NON-STOP MUSIC! We know you don’t want your party to die, and we take that as seriously as you do.

We also know that you may need announcements made throughout the evening - so we’ve provided an MC.

If you have special song requests that are not on the bands playlist - we’ve got a DJ to add those songs to the evening - usually during a band break.

We want your party to be perfect, so we’ll do whatever is needed to help you.




Michaela: Female lead vocalist

Jamie: Male lead vocalist

Josh: Drummer

Paul: Bassist

Urian: Lead Guitarist






It may come as a surprise to find out that HOOK is actually part of a larger musical family called Wavetones Inc.. In the same way as when a great T.V. show has a “spinoff” show, HOOK is actually a spinoff of the band The Wavetones. Almost every member of HOOK has played with The Wavetones at some point, and vise versa. These two bands, along with the Brava Quartette, make up what is known as Wavetones Inc.

The Brava Quartette is a Tulsa based string quartet. The Wavetones are one the premier private party bands in the Southwestern part of the USA. All three groups work under the management of The Wavetones founder/frontman Dave Lon Richardson. Wavetones Inc. has it’s own staff Music Director (Brad Mitcho) and staff Horn Arranger (Chris White).

Wavetones Inc. is a well run business dedicated to providing the very best in live music for private events.